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Clik Capo – Text

Inspired by years of Award-Winning artists’ feedback.
Created with the original mechanical physics. Simply preferred because…

  • Innovative design with an advanced quick release mechanism.
  • Controllable tension with precision adjustment.
  • No string buzz or muting by applying even pressure from the center of the neck instead of the side.
  • Moves quickly and easily, with one-hand action.
  • Stores behind the nut when not in use.
  • Finish safe tubing to protect all contact points.

To get the most benefit from your Paige Clik Capo, please follow these instructions:

  • IMPORTANT – Swing the bar over until it engages; then squeeze the sides of the capo and press the bar until it “snaps” in place
  • The screw is gently pushed in toward the neck until the last click is heard.
  • Finely adjust the tension (usually 1/2 – 1 turn) until the strings voice clearly.
  • IMPORTANT – when releasing the capo, back out the screw 1/2 – 1 turn to relieve the tension.  Then press the Clik button for full release.

Original Capo – Text

Why so many Award Winning Guitarists & World Class Studio Musicians prefer the Paige Capo…

  • Simple Intuitive Design
  • Ultra Thin
  • Controlled Tension
  • No Buzz or String Muting
  • Moves Quickly and Easily
  • Stores Behind the Nut

Spring Capo – Text

Paige Opens the Gate to Spring 

When we first started making capos in 1988, the goal was pretty simple. We wanted to make a quality, American-made capo that would keep the music playing.  Many years and over 20 models later, we’re still focused on the sound of our community.

Our fans have been asking us to release our own spring capo for years, and now we’re making good on those requests.  The truth is, sometimes a musician needs a spring-controlled handle that will allow them to remove or add the capo quickly, even in the middle of playing a song.  If you need the primary advantage of fast one-handed clamping and unclamping, our spring capo will be a nice addition to your guitar case.

The Paige Spring Capo is a straightforward model with an $11.95 retail price that any player can afford. Best of all, it still carries the same hand-made quality guaranteed with every Paige product.

Here are a few more great features:

  • It can be used on both acoustic and electric guitars
  • Thinner tubing that works more like an actual guitar nut, which creates a clearer voice
  • Padded grip handles for better comfort
  • Custom pivoting that self-calibrates to any instrument radius