About Us

Lisa Paige, Vince Gill and Bryan Paige
Summer NAMM Show – 2016

Paige Musical Products has been a family business since 1988.  Bryan Paige has been a guitar player his whole life, and regularly jams with friends.  Back in the day, Bryan had difficulty finding a capo that was accurate (held the tuning when applied), easy to use, and designed to be trim and light.  They say inventions are the mother of necessity.  Bryan couldn’t find a capo that satisfied his requirements.  Being a tool and die maker, he decided to design and build one for his own needs.  As often happens, other fellow musicians see the product and want to know where they can purchase one.  The rest is history.

Paige Musical Products is a family-owned and operated business in Jonesville, MI.  All of the products are produced in the United States using US materials.  When you put your name on a product that you manufacture, there is an incentive to “get it right.”  Consequently, Paige produces high-quality products that are also affordable for the working musician and hobbyist.   The “yoke around the neck” design applies even pressure on the strings which results in accurate tuning.  If you are serious about your music, you owe it to yourself to try a Paige and see why artists and hobbyists alike rely on Paige Capos.