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Always in Tune with Paige Capos

I've tried just about every capo made over the years and I must say this capo out performs then all. Even Capos that cost 200+ ! It's slim design keeps it out of the way making playing comfortable.

Duane Hess

Paige Capo Mar 3, 2022 Paige PC-6-ETI Upon opening the smart packaging, I could tell by feel, the engineering had improved structurally and the latch was on the bass side of the guitar now. Smart! It's sooo well built. It takes hardly a turn to dial in the proper fitment, and the tone clarity is immediately noticeable on my Frank Harlow Flat top guitar. It really helps the guitar sing to its fullest potential. Also, there is no need to tweak the tuning after one slides the capo to another fret, it's that accurate! This new design simply makes obsolete, several styles of existing capos on the market today. Look for competition follow suit in some form shortly. It's that good!

Dan Simon

This capo is awesome! With the new ETI system and the “Clik” design, this very well be one of the finest capos I’ve used! I get better tone and clarity out of this capo than anything else I’ve used! Love it!

Anthony Howell

So I got the ETI click. Simply amazing. I tuned my guitar in open G and didn't have to tune again no matter where I placed the capo. And when I tried to bend a string a little too much or push the limit a little, it stayed true and perfectly in tune! This capo is definitely a game changer and I highly recommend trying one! Thanks paige Capo.

Caleb Daugherty

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Family-owned & American-made

A product that does what it should without any fuss: a capo that can be depended on, and a tool that simply produces results.

Bryan Paige

Necessity – the mother of all invention.

IN 1988 AN IDEA WAS BORN. Bryan Paige has been playing guitar his entire life. He had difficulty finding a capo that was accurate and held the tuning, easy to use, and designed to be trim and light. They say necessity is the mother of invention and that holds true for the Paige Capo. Being a tool and die maker, he decided to design and build one for his own needs. Of course, other musicians saw the product and wanted to know where they could purchase one. The rest is history.