Ashlyn Smith

Wyatt Ellis

Andy Buckner

So proud to be an endorser of this amazing product. Paige has made my life a lot easier on multiple instruments. Not only is the intonation great while using their products, but it’s a faster & more efficient capo for quick transitions on stage. I would recommend to any serious picker from amateur to professional. […]

John Bryan

Grascal’s John Bryan endorsers the Original Paige as a super reliable capo.

The Paige Story

Necessity–the mother of all invention. IN 1988 AN IDEA WAS BORN. Bryan Paige has been playing guitar his entire life. He had difficulty finding a capo that was accurate and held the tuning, easy to use, and designed to be trim and light. They say necessity is the mother of invention and that holds true […]

Paige Capos Featured on Hollywood Times

Recently, we had the good fortune of being interviewed by Judy Shields of the Hollywood Times. Check out our the article below!

Introducing the Paige Pro

Paige Capos have been made by the Paige family in Michigan for 33 years, providing quality, cost-effective, American-made capos to the fretted stringed instrument world since 1988. Now they are preparing to introduce a new model, the Paige Pro, with a number of innovative design elements that they expect will revolutionize the way we look at fine […]