Josh Rinkel

“The new Click ETI capo from Page is great! I especially like the outserts on the bar. The harder material gives the guitar better sustain when capoed, and the radius for each individual strings ensures the string is going to stay out when doing bends close to the capo.” – Josh Rinkel Po “Ramblin’ Boys

Getting Closer

Thank you all for your patience. Although we had a few setbacks, the molds are complete! We are expecting our first sample parts soon.

Jeff Daughtery

This capo blew my mind! No need for retuning with capo changes… SERIOUSLY!! It takes the lightest pressure to hold the strings. You can bend the strings & they’ll return to pitch Another big selling point for me is that it fits over the volute on a D28 style neck!

Larry Efaw

All I can say is Wow . Got the Clik ETI It is the best I have had on my 1962 D28 . I can move it anywhere on the neck .Does not go out of tune .sure makes life easier. The Clearly is amazing. You won’t go wrong with this one . Highly recommend. […]

Ashlyn Smith

Andy Buckner

So proud to be an endorser of this amazing product. Paige has made my life a lot easier on multiple instruments. Not only is the intonation great while using their products, but it’s a faster & more efficient capo for quick transitions on stage. I would recommend to any serious picker from amateur to professional. […]

John Bryan

Grascal’s John Bryan endorsers the Original Paige as a super reliable capo.