Adam McIntosh

Adam is the guitarist in the award winning band, Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers. He plays Martin guitars and uses the Paige Clik ETI capo.

Chris Davis

Grascals “I love it. It’s off an on real easy. It’s great. Slides down where you need it. Ready to rock! Thank you Paige.”

Dale Ann Bradley

“It’s a game changer; you’ll like your B string again!”- PaigePro

Jeff Douglas

The Paige Capo is the best capo on the market…The Paige never pulls the strings sharp like other popular brands. You adjust the tension you need which is just enough to get the strings to the fret directly in front of the capo. It’s fast and easy. I can change for a key mod in […]

Jeff Daniels

The new and improved Clik capo works great. Easy on, easy off, when not in use it all but disappears behind the nut. Most importantly, it holds the strings to the fingerboard like cement without the messy clean up.

Kristian Bush

It doesn’t matter if I’m in a studio or playing live at the Grammy’s, my instruments have to be in perfect tune. I depend on Paige capos to hold the intonation of my instruments no matter where I play.

Brandon Adams

I have been using Paige capos for a while now. They hold tone well and are affordable. If you’re like me and lose them all the time that means something. I’ve been using the same Paige for about five years now. I just replace the plastic on the bar when needed.