Don Rigsby

I’m proud to endorse such a precision- designed, American-made product that is a game-changer right out of the box !!

Sister Sadie

‚ÄúSister Sadie loves using Paige capos & we are proud to endorse these amazing products. Whether we’re writing, performing on stage or in the studio, these capos are accurate & even the banjo stays in tune!  ” ~ Gena, Deanie, Hasee, Jaelee & Mary 

James Taylor

James Taylor with Carole King, his Olson guitar and Paige capo.

Vince Gill

Vince uses the Paige Original Works great. What more could you ask for?

Tommy Emmanuel

“I love the Original Paige capo standard profile. Very accurate – it works ! Tommy Emmanuel and Parker Hastings Playing Cannonball Rag Tommy Emmanuel brings his young 16-year-old protege Parker Hastings on stage with him to play the thumbpickers world anthem, Cannonball Rag at the Merle Travis Music Center in Powderly, Ky during the Home […]

Jeff Daniels

The new and improved Clik capo works great. Easy on, easy off, when not in use it all but disappears behind the nut. Most importantly, it holds the strings to the fingerboard like cement without the messy clean up.