Ron Block

Really loving these new Paige capos. I bend strings a lot on the banjo and guitar, which in the first position can cause strings to slip sideways under the capo. The new Paige capos hold each string in perfect position. Also, I don’t have to do much retuning when I go from open position to […]

Kevin Prater Band

We’re thrilled to announce that the talented musicians Kevin Prater and Lennie Centers from the Kevin Prater Band (KPB) have joined the Paige Pro Capos family as our newest endorsers and Featured Artists on the Paige Capo website! 🌟 Kevin Prater, known for his mastery of the Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo, Bass, and incredible Lead and […]

Don Rigsby

I’m proud to endorse such a precision- designed, American-made product that is a game-changer right out of the box !!

Clay Hess

On the PaigePro Banjo capo This capo is just as amazing, if not more, than the guitar capo. Banjo retains the high end sparkle, which before now never happened. I can’t pull. y third string out of tune with it on. Unbelievable. Absolutely genius.