Become a Paige Endorser

Become a Paige Endorser

“It doesn’t matter if I’m in a studio or playing live at the Grammy’s, my instruments have to be in perfect tune.  I depend on Paige Capo to hold the intonation of my instruments no matter where I play.”


-Kristian Bush of Sugarland

Dear Artists,

Thank you very much for your interest in Paige Musical Products and your will to help us spread the brand around the globe.

Please know we cooperate a lot with musicians and we are generally open for bands on various phases of their career. More–as we really sign a lot of endorsements worldwide, we have strict regulations of what endorsement conditions we can give to a musician during his/her first touch with the company.

The main thing about Paige Capo endorsements is that we can’t always give capos for free. The reason is that our capos are all hand-crafted, too complex and labor-cost to build just to give them away.



Endorsement Application Form

Please submit answers in English.

Sponsorship & Endorsement Agreement

The Paige Capo Band Sponsorship
and Endorsement Agreement for Artist

We offer three levels of endorsement connected to one of our three product lines.  We select the line that is a good match for you based on social media influence as well as your live performances. Please fill in this form-we will look over your application and determine which program you are eligible for.  You will receive an email from us after we have reviewed your application letting you know if you have been accepted into our program and which level. You will need to sign and return the agreement that we will send in a separate email prior to moving forward.  You will also need to complete the Ask (see bullet points below) prior to moving forward.


In order to be accepted into our program, each artist will be provided a Deliverable, will require an Ask, and will have a set turnaround, a Time to complete the Ask.


  • Deliverables: What Paige Capo Musical, LLC will provide to the endorser being their sponsor.

  • Ask: What the Artist will receive being the endorser.

  • Time: The agreement length between Paige and the Artist.


All correspondence will be through our Marketing Department,


After you submit your form, please allow 7-10 business days for our Marketing Department to review and return information.  In the meantime, please take the time to familiarize yourself with our social network.


Lastly, take a look at our Paige Artists Endorsements page.


Thanks for submitting!  Someone from our Marketing Department will be responding via email,  Please be sure to add this email to your contacts so it does not go to your spam folder.eet