On the same Paige…

Looking out over the infamous stage where so many greats have stood over the years at Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival, makes one quite nostalgic. If this stage could talk, I would love to hear the stories.

I come from a bluegrass upbringing. It is in my blood. After 20 years away, the feeling of coming back home is like no other. Trying to explain this to someone is nearly impossible. You just have to experience it.

As of late, I have had the opportunity to attend many bluegrass events. The one thing that I love the most is the people. People of all ages, from every walk of life coming together to make and enjoy music. In a world of division, it is so beautifully refreshing. I know it is cliche, but music does unite us.

Please allow me to address the thing I hear a lot of, “it’s not what it used to be”. True, but why would we expect it to be? The music is changing as everything else is, but it is not dying. The legends of the past did not do everything the same as those before them either. I am sure there were people grumbling about it then too. Point being, living things grow and change. We can embrace it and find joy in what we like or complain about the things we miss. If you do not like the way something is being done, get involved. Do your own thing. Running any kind of event is incredible work. I am thankful for all those who take on the endeavor. Promoters have to try new things. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. It’s all a learning experience. Let’s do our best to support all the efforts to keep our music alive and growing.

Over the past few years, we have all had to adjust to constant change. And we have. The music continues, friendships are birthed and we press on. We are all on the same Paige after all!

Keep on spreading joy and making music,

Lisa Paige

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