Paige Pro capo

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The PaigePro™ capo is made of stainless steel and is very thin and out of the way. We’ve added recessed suede on all contact points with the neck of your instrument for protection.

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"There are few things in the music business that have an impact on me and how I play. When they get this capo out, this [PaigePro] capo right here will be a life changing piece of equipment and I mean that sincerely. So be looking for that."

Dave Carroll ~Hammertowne

"The PaigePro capo, you guys got it going on. It’s revolutionary. I’ve never seen that before in a capo. My guitar is in tune right as I put it on. It hasn’t been done… now it has."

Tim Stafford ~Blue Highway

This is a Game-Changing Capo!
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This is a capo like no other.  We are super excited to come out this this American made product.   This is a high end stainless steel capo that will last.  It has been called a game changer by top musicians.  We are taking pre-orders for the first batch that will be ran.  There will be a wait of 12-14 weeks as the molds are being built.  We can’t wait to get this out to you