Pick Your Paige

Having used a Paige capo for more years than I can remember all I can say is get one! Solid quality and long lasting.

Andy Watkins

I got one of these capos at a bluegrass convention and used it on stage an hour later. After 6 position changes and 10 songs it dawned on me that I didn’t have to tune my guitar one time. It stayed in tune for the entire set. This new ETI system is a life saver if you have to move your capo at all!!

Adam Macintosh

This capo blew my mind! No need for retuning with capo changes… SERIOUSLY!! It takes the lightest pressure to hold the strings. You can bend the strings & they’ll return to pitch Another big selling point for me is that it fits over the volute on a D28 style neck!

Jeff Daugherty