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Limited Quantity- Gold PaigePro


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Limited Quantity- Gold PaigePro


Limited Quantity

Gold Plated Paige Pro

The  PaigePro™ has a patented innovative adjustable guide system.  This consists of a screw and a nut with a double lead thread, which makes it really fast. And it’s very smooth.

The PaigePro™ capo has a patented bar that is totally different from any other capo on the market. The innovative bar uses six self adjusting inserts made of a nut-like material.    This material produces maximum sustain and tone quality without muting the strings.  It sounds as if you are not even using a capo!

The Paige Pro requires very light pressure greatly reducing the need for tuning as you move your capo. The ETI technology includes contoured inserts enabling  your strings to return to the right pitch after string bending.

*****Please note that if you have a thinner neck or a custom guitar with a non-standard radius, we will have to make some adjustments for your capo.  Be sure to contact us so we can work with you!

Radius: 16″- If your guitar has more than +/- 1″ from a 16 inch radius, we will have to do a special order for you

Open Depth 1 1/16 ” (1.062″)

Closed Depth 11/16″ (.687)

Width 2  1/32″ (2.031″)



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