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PaigePro ETI Wide (PP-6-ETI-W)


PaigePro ETI Wide (PP-6-ETI-W)

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The newest addition to  our PaigePro line. This capo has the same sleek stainless steel yoke with the smooth, patented adjustment guide as the PaigePro.

The PaigePro™ capo has a patented bar that is totally different from any other capo on the market. The innovative bar uses six self adjusting inserts made of a nut-like material.    This material produces maximum sustain and tone quality without muting the strings.  It sounds as if you are not even using a capo!

The Paige Pro requires very light pressure greatly reducing the need for tuning as you move your capo. The ETI technology includes contoured inserts enabling  your strings to return to the right pitch after string bending.

Open Depth 1 1/16 ” (1.062″)

Closed Depth 11/16″ (.687)

Width 2  1/8″ (2.125″)

The bar has a standard 16″ radius for acoustic guitars. If a different radius is needed, we can bend one for you.


Upon request we have customized the PaigePro 6 string guitar capo to fit wider necks.


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