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Many years ago I began playing banjo using as a capo a pencil and a rubber band. My banjos upgraded as did my capos. The new PaigePro Banjo capo has upgraded the world of capos not unlike the jump to my first professional banjo. Tone remains constant as the PaigePro is moved and the notes remain retuning when changing keys. No retuning is very important to me having heard all of the jokes ( how many banjo long does it take a banjo player...). Leave it parked on the nut, nob to adjust is below and easy to manipulate. The PaigePro ends my search of 40 plus years for THE banjo capo.

Steve Martin, Unreal Bluegrass

Over 50 years as a pro musician playing several genres, I’ve used about every capo out there regularly. I now have 4 Paige capos, and in my opinion, the Paige Pro and Click ETI, are superior for retaining great tone, and practically no retuning, if any, probably not the fault of the capo. They sound excellent. And I love my Paige Original’s too, they are just great capos. Probably going to have to get a couple more, one for my banjo too. Craig John of the Craig John Band, and solo Musician.


As a Kyser user for a long time I finally bought a Paige. I am a Paige convert and all I can say is I should have purchased one years ago. Top notch product. Go ahead and purchase one. You won't regret it.

Rob Hicks

I received my PaigePro 6 string PP 6 ETI today. It arrived in Switzerland faster than I thought it would. It fits perfectly on my Martin HD 28 and the placement on the peghead is also perfect. The advice is excellent. It is now the absolute best capo I have. Highly recommended!


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A product that does what it should without any fuss: a capo that can be depended on, and a tool that simply produces results.

Necessity – the mother of all invention.

IN 1988 AN IDEA WAS BORN. Bryan Paige has been playing guitar his entire life. He had difficulty finding a capo that was accurate and held the tuning, easy to use, and designed to be trim and light. They say necessity is the mother of invention and that holds true for the Paige Capo. Being a tool and die maker, he decided to design and build one for his own needs. Of course, other musicians saw the product and wanted to know where they could purchase one. The rest is history.
Fast forward to today - Bryan continues building the world's best capos; inventing and pushing the boundaries in pursuit of excellence. Patenting his very own technology, Bryan was recently awarded the Grand Prize in the Powder Metallurgy Design Excellence Awards.