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Always in Tune with Paige Capos

I've been using Paige capos for many years now and have always appreciated the price and quality. The new PaigePro is no exception, what an awesome product. It looks great, sounds great, and is really efficient to move on the neck as the adjustment wheel requires very little movement. Give one a try if you get a chance, you won't be disappointed! -Chris

Chris Gabbard

Been using the Clik ETI capo on my Blueridge BR-160A and it sounds great. Out of curiosity, I got my old '62 Gibson out to see how it worked. I tried it with the capo on frets 1-5. The sound and sustain with the capo in any position is just unbelievable. I always thought to use a capo you had to sacrifice tone and volume. Not anymore. Thanks Paige Capo!

Daryl Comley

Just arrived this morning. I quickly put it on my Martin, on the 5th fret. Had the intonation and resonance of open strings! Question is… what took so long to come up with this technology?! Seems obvious, but Paige was the first… Thank You!

Avigdor Zeitlin

I'm not a professional guitarist, but I have been playing for 41yrs. I have dabbled in competitions, such as Winfield and Wayne Henderson. I have also been fortunate enough to pick with lots of my guitar heroes.... Currently I stay as busy as I want doing local gigs with my friends,...but none of these are reasons you should buy this capo. So why should you? Because it is definitely the best capo on the market. This design is genius and delivers it's promise!

Robert Sulfridge


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Family-owned & American-made

A product that does what it should without any fuss: a capo that can be depended on, and a tool that simply produces results.

Bryan Paige

Necessity – the mother of all invention.

IN 1988 AN IDEA WAS BORN. Bryan Paige has been playing guitar his entire life. He had difficulty finding a capo that was accurate and held the tuning, easy to use, and designed to be trim and light. They say necessity is the mother of invention and that holds true for the Paige Capo. Being a tool and die maker, he decided to design and build one for his own needs. Of course, other musicians saw the product and wanted to know where they could purchase one. The rest is history.